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My Passions:

Shadow Mountain Community Church

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association - Free online Chess Website

America's Test Kitchen - If you love cooking...

Jerry Baker - America's Master Gardener

Online Christian Radio Stations:

    Positive Hits Z88.3 out of Florida

    K-Love - Positive & Encouraging 


"Let no man seek his own, but every man another's wealth."

                                                       KJV - 1 Corinthians 10:24

That being said - My recommendations:

For any occasion that you need to give an individual, association or class recognition for their accomplishments or attendance, contact the owner of PowerPlaques:

     George Valkenburg, Jr. @ 619-312-6378 

          or via e-mail at

For a Broker/Realtor Consultant call:

       Allen Wilkerson @ 619-665-4525

If you want to "Take Shape for Life" call:

       Mary Jane Wilkerson @ 619-807-3280

For Trust , Wills or Estate Planning Needs Call:

     Richard D. Chapman @ 619-660-0799

For Family Law contact the law offices of:

      Jeffrey A. Briggs @ 619-572-9544

For An Excellent Dentist In La Mesa Call:

     Stephen B. Earle, D.D.S. @ 619-466-8363

     Or visit his web site @

For Nutritional Suppliments you can trust call:

     Ken Tice @ 619-971-0205 or 619-46-8424

For Excellent Chiropractic Care In Hillcrest Call:

     Brian Shui, D.C. @ 619-688-9347

For Excellent Chiropractic Care In Chula Vists Call:

     American Chiropractic @ 619-409-9000

For Automotive Maintenance & Repair Call:

     Rob Young @ 619-698-0767

For Graphic Design, Printing & Advertising Call:

     Karen Newton @ 619-442-3064

For the best Customer Contact Program Call:

     Sheri Hendrickson @ 619-253-0524