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Please know that, with the exception of orders placed via an Appraisal Management Company, all appraisals are COD at the time of inspection unless arranged otherwise.  If not paid at that time, the appraisal will not be released until after payment has been received. 

We thank you in advance for your understandng of these requirements.

Prices are subject to complexity*. We do our best to charge the fees that are posted below. However, some complex appraisals may call for additional charges. We will contact you before performing work if there should be a difference from our posted prices.

General Purpose Appraisal Report   

Single Family Residence less than 3,000 sq. ft.



Condominiums less than 3,000 square feet


Additional fee for Properties over 3,000 sq. ft.


Manufactured Homes 


Land Appraisal Report Minimum Fee


Limited Appraisal - Exterior only    (2055 Form)


2, 3, & 4 Multi-Unit Properties   

$475, $550 & $625

Deposition Rate

$250 per/hr - 2hr min.

Reports for Settlement Purposes  


1004-D  Completion Certificate - Per Inspection

$75-$150 **

Hourly Rate for Data research  (2hr Minimum)

Appraisal Audits for Litigation Purposes



Appraisal Reviews for Litigation Purposes will vary depending on complexity ***$500 and up****

Please see 'Need an appraisal' tab for an explanation on the differences between  an appraisal audit and a appraisal review.

Properties in neighborhoods with predominant values over $1,000,000

$600 and up  (Call for a quote)

Expert witness for litigation purposes

To be determined

* All fees quoted are based upon the uncomplicated appraisal.

** Dependant upon distance and/or required updates to comparables.

*** Appraisal Audit required before Appraisal Review pricing can be determined.

**** Appraisal Audit fee credited towards Appraisal Review fee if the client has decided to move forward with litigation based on Audit results. 

Fees are not based upon the final value of the subject property.